Map Review of marylux

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Map review of Marylux

by NoxiousGhoul | October 1, 2009 | 2214 characters

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I rated this map a 7 out of 10.

Technical [2.0/2.0] Specimen pathing; little or no glitches/bugs.

You did a very good job on spawn points; this map really doesn't give you a breather while fighting a wave. It really spawns specimen all around you, giving you a feeling of being very surrounded.

Flow [1.0/1.5] Overall play flow of the map.

The flow of the map is a little bit boring, just going back and forth between traders and seeing the same pile of snow gets very repetitive.

Polish [0.5/1.0] Overall polish of the maps visuals.

In one of the houses the flickering light from the fireplace is off by a few feet. I did really like the frozen fish and the row boats in the little lake, very nice touch. But I wish that you could access the one of the buildings' second floors, seeing as there was a ladder next to one of the outside windows, but not allowing you to climb it. There was no stairs to the second floor of this building, which I found odd.

Balance [1.0/2.0] No overpowered camping spots, able to fight in a multitude of spots.

There weren’t any overpowered camping spots on this map as far as I could find. No matter where I went there was always more than one path for the specimen to attack from. This was a double edged blade in my opinion, making the map fun while not being able to just camp, but then I got kind of bored running around in the open while fighting. Maybe try to make some of the indoor area's more accessible, and a little more defendable.

Theme [2.0/2.0] Overall Focus of the maps' theme throughout.

You did a very good job of keeping the map theme focused throughout, I felt like I got a good idea of the small town feel that you were trying to implement in this map.

Originality [0.5/1.0] Will award this point for original play features.

The map didn't really introduce and new game play features, but I did like winter setting.



Score: 7 / 10