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Author Jon Hahn
Date of release Currently in Alpha Stage, Released 6/22/12
.rom filename KF-UAT_ALPHA


||How to Download||
First off; if you want to get right to it, and download the map, click the download button right above the description.

Then, click the first link, which should say : "" : clicking that will begin the download.

You must place the '.rom' file in the proper folder:

where ever your steam files are located(programfilesx86)-

||New Video||
I am having problems having two videos show in the tab, so right now, I am going to place the URL here; I will attempt to fix it later when I have the time.

As for me, I am currently attending University of Advancing Technology as a Game Design Major. I wanted to test my level design skill, and recreate the school as structurally accurate as possible. And so I did.

I started creating the level in the KF Editor (using Steam) in Mid-January. I have been working on it in my spare time, and having close friends help me playtest it. Recently, word got around, and I was able to show off the level to the Dean!

I created the academic building, and it is basically complete. However, I am working on creating the dorms (which I will release in the beta version) to be accessed within the level as well.

I have uploaded a new version of the map; currently version 3043 of ALPHA. The download button now downloads the newest version of the map.

Updates to the map include, (somewhat) better AI pathing, Trader working, more objects in the environment, lighting fixes, room fixes, 'new' rooms, ammo weapons and money now spawn, and other little funny features and what not.

Also the 'Dorms' is now visable through the windows… a leaked feature idea maybe???

Yup! Beta version will feature the ability to visit the dorms (long awaited by the people, here at UAT, who play the game).
There are some secrets; although, they may not do anything at the moment.

Also, here is an 'achievement list' for extra 'metagame' fun with you and your friends… see if you can get they all…

5 points - Cut some burgers. (attack the cows)
5 points - Chop some chicken fingers. (attack the chicken)
5 points - Find the two Microsoft Surface devices.
5 points - Find the glowsticks.
5 points - Find the 7 visible 'UAT tvs' in the level.
5 points - Find the 9 wall plaques that "contain" UAT artwork and important people. (paintings)
5 points - Find the 5 human corpse remains visible in the level.
5 points - Find the 6 hidden cameras visible in the level.
5 points - Find all 21 vehicles visible in the level.
10 points - Find the 'IT' door.
10 points - Find the 'NetSec' door.
10 points - Find all 5 'UAT gnomes'.
20 points - Find a 'UAT Key Card'.
200 points - Kill the patriarch (boss) on solo (except on beginner difficulty), fighting it in the commons (first floor, computer area).

Additional info

-ammo spawns can jump around (except I am not 100% sure if that is full intent of general ammo placements)…
-only 1 trader (I did not put any other traders in yet; in order to make the pathing work)…
-when there is 1-4 zeds left, they may get stuck in small places (most likely far away from you); be patient as they are also slow…
-sometimes zeds can get stuck in doorways; if more than 4 try to squeeze through all at once…
-lighting can be see on the ceiling, from the first floor, flickering and lighting through from the second floor…
-computer monitors and tvs are super bright…
-there are some 'camping' spots; tables, zeds cannot get you; which will be fixed in an update later on…

Additional credits

Couple of friends helped playtest; The main buddy is Dylan.


See '!!!' marks above…

Updated 11.2.12

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