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Author Mahloeeh500
Date of release Version 1.0 April 2, 2012
.rom filename ResidentEvil1


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This is a WIP map that I am undertaking. I made one for Killing Floor UT 2004 mod, but I haven't made one for Killing Floor retail version. So here it is. It is in its initial stage. I started with the main entrance to the Hive via the mansion. It is a combination COOP/Story mode map. NOTE: This map is based on the movie, so the map is a semi-duplicate of the movie.

And am continuing the project, thanks to a jolt of inspiration from Kicker's new HIVE map.

Additional info

This map is strictly for Killing Floor Retail.

UPDATE: Jan. 26 - Added more items in the map. Living room and dining room just by Hive secret glass entrance.

UPDATE: Jan. 26 - Managed to build the underground rail that leads to the Hive. It's the one that goes just below the secret entrance from the mansion.

UPDATE: Mar. 3 - I lost the map file. My computer had a bug and I had to do recovery on my HD (hard drive). I wasn't able to back-up my KF Steam files, and lost this map. Awfully sorry.

UPDATE: April 2 - Redoing the map again. Thanks to Kicker's new HIVE map. Was inspired to redo map.

UPDATE: October 4, 2012 - Back again. Haven't added anything yet. But am about to. Okay. I added more static meshes in the mansion which is the secret entrance to the HIVE.

TIME: 5:29AM - Added more furnitures to the mansion's second room with the secret glass doors that is the entrance to the HIVE.

UPDATE: November 25, 2012 - Made a small addition to the map. Added the switches to open the glass doors at back of living room. See/view pictures -, and

Additional credits

In memory of my GF, Dottie.


DATE: See Additional Info above for updates. Also, please read this important message - click here.

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