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Author Driftwood
Date of release 18 Jan 2010
.rom filename KF-RE1-Mansion-Beta5.rom
.rom filesize 11MB
.zip download size 2.5MB


After so long I'm finally releasing a 2nd public beta of the wave based version of this map (its called beta 5 due to additional private testing). The reason this took so long is that the Story version took so long and I needed a holiday from it after completion.

Brief list of changes:
-uses the geometry and lighting from the story version, with some new enhancement
-fixed all exploits found by KEPT that caused the last beta to get knocked off the whitelist
-zoning and optimisation
-additional spawns

-changed the way the elevator works:
It can only be used every 15 seconds or so now, so you cannot rely on it to escape (previously exploitable)
If you do use the elevator with zeds hot on your tail, you will find that the zeds have their own quick ways of catching up to you upstairs/downstairs
Zeds no longer spawn inside the elevator as they were getting stuck
Zeds no longer specifically path into the elevator as they were getting stuck (they may still follow you into it if they are chasing you)

Were you instead looking for the STORY VERSION (final release)? I can also say at this point that I'm working on a V2 of the story version…

General Description

The Mansion from the very first Resident Evil game! Expect narrow corridors and medium sized rooms, and all Zombie spawns are outside of playing area. They will jump through holes in the cieling, through outside windows, and stream out from dark, closed off rooms. Will your team attempt to hold an area, or execute an offensive retreat from section to section?

Although this is a beta, the map is more or less done, with the entire Mansion from the original Resident Evil game recreated. All spawns and paths tested and working. The final version will only contain improvements if I get some feedback! Please post comments and any problems/exploits you found. I also have a thread open on Tripwire's Killing Floor beta release forum.

Stay tuned for a planned Story version of this map, which will take players on a guided tour through the mansion, trying very hard to kill you along the way.

Like my last map, KF-Dreamhouse, this map features entirely zombie-only spawn areas, meaning they cannot spawn in the same room as a player, such as just before you go through a doorway or turn a corner. This makes running while gunning playstyles more viable than in the official maps.

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