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Author Driftwood
Date of release Final - June 14, 2010
.rom filename KF-RE1-Mansion-Story.rom


Well after about 6 months in the making its finally done!

Fixes from Beta2
-Added cut scenes to make it easier to follow the story and to make the ending cooler
-The infamous Gallery sequence in Wave5 is just as hard, and your team still needs grenades to get through it, but its easier to get grenades in the holes. They are a lot less likely to bounce out now
-Lots of general fixes and tweaks

Known Issue
There is still a known issue where sometimes a weapon malfunctions or a problem using weapons upon spawning (particularly at start wave2 it seems). This seems to be more of a problem on >6 player servers, and often dropping your weapon and picking it up again helps. If you get this when you spawn at trader time, i recommend you quickly suicide and/or quit and reconnect quickly before the next wave starts. I have given up trying to resolve the issue, but it seemed to be worse the more inventory on the map. I therefore reduced the inventory as much as possible while leaving enough so the map can be beaten.

General Information
Follow Chris, Jill and Wesker in an epic escape from the zombie infested mansion!

This is a Story map, there are a lot more enemies to kill than ordinary wave based map; the exact number is fixed and therefore the more team mates you have, the better your chances of taking them all down.
Recommended Solo Play - Beginner
Recommended Small Team, or first time with full team - Normal
Full team of good players - Hard
Just for the lolz - Suicidal

Instead of getting to the trader at the end of the wave, you have to find the "Weapons Room". Decide amongst your team who is going to carry what and arm up to the teeth! Melee weapons may be essential on harder difficulties, as less ammo will spawn the harder the difficulty.

-Firebug friendly. Do not underestimate the pain that can be unleashed by the
flamethrower in the narrow halls of the Resident Evil Mansion. Recommended you have 1 or 2 firebugs your team.
-Check ALL rooms and nooks for ammo caches and possibly weapons.
-Share and Conserve ammo! Use pistols/melee when the risk is low. Commando weapons should be used in semi-automatic mode. Use a variety of weapons so when you pick up an ammo box, all weapons benefit from the boost. Careful not to collect ammo when your primary weapon/s are already full!
-Pay attention to the GO—> signs and 'Door Closing' warnings. These are there to make it easier to know where to go, you aren't being particularly clever if you ignore them. If you find yourself cut off and trapped unable to do anything, don't say you weren't warned…
-Sometimes the way to go isn't blatantly obvious. However, rather than standing in a group complaining 'where do we go?' just walk around whatever hall you are in, and you should find the way. Remember, although most doors are locked, SOME doors can still be opened/welded.
-Don't use your grenades to kill monsters on Wave5. There is something you will specifically need grenades for, and you will lose if you run out prematurely.

In respect for server admins and players alike, there will not be a million releases of this map. I'm hoping this will be the last, and I'll only release a v2 if a MAJOR problem is discovered. So suggestions such as "hey can we have an m14 at the start and maybe add some more lighting to the basement?" will fall on deaf ears. This map was in beta for many months for those kind of suggestions to be considered (and they were).

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