Library 64

Library 64

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Author FUBAR
Date of release Final - July 1, 2009
.rom filename KF-Library


Library 64 is a reimagining of the Goldeneye level of the same name. The floor plan and level were modified a bit to make it different enough from the original to be more Doom and Quake like in mood, to Killing Floor's theme and mechanics, and to eliminate spots for camping. I had a few ideas of things to add but I have other map projects I would like to work on, so here it is the final version. The level makes no use of emitters or scripted triggers, nor does it make use of sounds as I am still learning these for UEd 2.5, however the map can is a blast to play with four or more friends. Specimens pour out of every room and hallways, it can be easy for a team to get cornered. In keeping with the original lay out, there are only two ramps to the basement, one in the North East (power box room) and one in the South West (coat room).

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Additional credits

Music is from various resident evil, silent hill, and Overclock Remix Doom I and II tunes
Textures from TextureLab (



  • fixed a trader tleporter issue
  • tweaked the lighting some more to make the map darker as I originally intended
  • tweeked the fog to make the lighting less obtrusive
  • added decorations to the basement tunnels (pipes)
  • updated the load screens

Beta 3

  • Fixed a few doors on the first floor
  • fixed fog glitch in the coat room
  • revamped lights
  • fixed the traders so the red trail works better
  • moved the player start to the center
  • added second floor specimen spawn point
  • decorated a few more rooms
  • fixed issue with the Patriarch not spawning in the elevator

Beta 2

  • initial public release

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