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Author The_ASP
Date of release Version 1.4 Release Final 9/11/2010
.rom filename KF-basement
.rom file size 2.67


A map of a large "basement" w/ multiple floor levels. Originally created by Snaz, I'm working on making it more dynamic by tweaking lighting, converting brushes to static meshes, adding sound, inserting some eye-candy, modifying zombie paths, etc…I've uploaded new screenshots to reflect current progress. and I plan to keep working on this until it's smooth and good to go for release. Please test it out and let me know of any suggestions you have, both major and minor…thanks.

Additional info

Omega Supreme also took care of some of the sewer-pipes and water that was giving me trouble.

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Beta came out - V1.0 9/01/2010

V1.1 9/02/2010

Got rid of the bad purple theme…it's more brown now.
Modified the fog.
Added grates for water/sewage.
Updated and added some sounds.

To do yet:

Modify sky so it's less…BLUE.
Insert some blocking zones to fix a spot where you can get stuck.

V1.2 9/02/2010

Fixed sky…much better looking.
Added static meshes.
Blocked an area where player could get stuck…
Added some more sound.

To do yet:

Fix some pathing issues.
Tweak outside area to look a little less…bland.

I also removed Version 1.0.

V1.3 - 9/05/2010

Added more eye-candy
Enable ZED collisions w/ some of the static meshes
Improved lighting
Added blowing fog
Tweaked 2 sections of the map to prevent "barricading" and making it too easy to win
Added Loading Screen screeshot
Updated Level Properties
Rebuilt all paths for the ZEDs
Updated the screenshots

I also removed all prior versions from kfmapdb.com.

V1.4 - 9/11/2010

Thanks to Omega Supreme for adding some nifty looking water-works to the "sewage" areas in the map…

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