Equalibrium - Operation: EQUALIBRIUM-ALPHA

Equalibrium - Operation: EQUALIBRIUM-ALPHA

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Author Omega Supreme
Date of release August 18, 2010 - Version 1.0

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This is a Mission Map, BUT unlike other mission maps this one will have alternate Paths you can take, depending on how many Human Players are playing. Some doors will reqiure TEAMWORK, one person staying in one room and another going around corners into another room and acitvating a switch so the other can go in and open One-Way-Doors. Another new feature is this thing called TEAM-SPLIT. Team Split is when the team come up to a point in the mission where they have to split up and take different paths by themselves, and will require each teammate to activate a switch that will open up another teammates door in a different section of the map. It will also have Gravity Lifts-floor to floor & room to room travel using the awsome power of gravity, Morphing Bridges- Bridges that construct themselves and builds a path for you to cross.
There will also be CHECK-POINTS- areas in the map where you can give medical attention, refill ammo, switch weapons, take a break, and DEVELOPE PLANS for the next CHAPTER. Each chapter is name after a skill you will need to preform in order to get through the mission successfully. You WILL need: TEAMWORK, STRATEGY, SKILL, KNOWLEDGE, EFFORT, DETERMINATION, and lots of other things too. I hope i can get some help and tips for fellow mission mappers to help make this map the best it can be.

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This is the BETA VERSION, The next version - BETA VERSION 2, will come out in the near future.
The FIRST EVER - ALL NEW Weapon Locker System - By shooting the weapon on the wall it spawns you that weapon! I created and added in this new system so players would have be aware of their surroundings.

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