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Author Driftwood
Date of release Beta 5th October 2009
.rom filename KF-Dreamhouse.rom


Map Name: KF-Dreamhouse
Final: Yes
Trader Rooms: 3

I once asked my girlfriend what her ideal home would be like. She must have thought I was going to buy it for her because she took the trouble of sketching out the blueprints… Not one to dissappoint, I did the best I could - map it in unrealed and fill her "Dreamhouse" with zombies!

Description of map:
A small map consisting of a single large, high-set timber home. Design aims to encourage the player to keep moving, with all areas of the map been roughly equal in terms of danger level. Another feature I concentrated on is having the zombies spawn entirely in "logical, zombie only areas" - but at the same time they can get to the player quickly to keep the gameplay intense.

Trader Rooms - 3

Additional info

Although there are a few places that may be somewhat
defendable, the best strategy is to keep moving!

Additional credits

Testers: Frostbite, THEDDLE, Akame, and Mearpy
Special thanks to: Murphy for the awesome fish tank in the main hallway (originally from KF-Northsea)


-ZombieWaveSpawn variable lowered to 2.0 to help make this map possible to complete on suicidal.
-Various lighting, texture, geometry, spawning, pathing, blocking volume improvements
-Added an alternative entrance/escape to the basement, connecting to the SE side of the house which was previously a dead end/trap itself. Running around this map should now feel very smooth, you never have to backtrack, always another way out of a room.

-added lots more light to the basement
-fixed various exploits

-A few lighting and pathing changes

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