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Author JustFilth
Date of release June 10th, 2009
.rom filename KF-DarkRoad-F


I have enjoyed making this map even though it was not a planned project. Its been another great insight into the editor for me. I hope you enjoy playing this level and a big thanks for the support.

Supplies are running low and the team decide to venture out to a secluded outpost that once supplied a nearby army barracks. Will the team manage to be able to take control of this area and secure the storage houses or will they themselves become the supplies.

Additional info

Additional credits

  • Tripwire interactive and the KF community for help, support and feedback.


Ok here it is again, I am sorry for confusion with the release of this map, but due to an issue that could not be over looked I have had to fix and update this version.

Anyone who has downloaded this map please check that you have mapname KF-DarkRoads-F if not please re-download from this thread as the latest version is attached in download link.

  • Removed rain
  • Added tunnel from spawn to storehouses
  • Added upstairs to large storehouse
  • Added basement section connected to both storehouses
  • Increased fog thickness
  • Added more ambient sound
  • Added interval music
  • Fixed several issues from Beta
  • Several Clipping issues

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