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Author Swanky
Date of release August 29, 2011
.rom filename KF-Corruption


Corruption is a new take upon Killing Floor, a map suited for almost all kinds of play, yes even long range battle is there, in limited cases, however. There are places to hold albeit they are hard to hold and require proper teamwork, and there's a good load of other possibilities, too. Weld a door, defend the hallway, roam the map, rotate on different locations, it is all there (and it has been tested :P).

The map is a set in a model city of the future. But as the Horzine Outbreak comes into place, everyone notices, the funds have also been used for something else, and the fresh city has become infected - corrupted like the system it is based on. Only thing left to do, hold the last "save" bastion until help arrives - but a load of monsters has noticed your call for help and are on their way as well.

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Additional credits

  • Music by Xenogenocide
  • Custom textures were done by different people: Evillair, rorshach, Hourences, S'Calain, 3DTexturizer, Pandemonium, Epic Megagames, FragnBrag, Chameleon, GTD-Charthage, Akuma and ShockSystems.
  • Beta testing by BlockBot, Murphy, HaTeMe and the FG Community.



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