Blue waffle

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Author BigWex
Date of release V2 4-12-12
.rom filename kf-Bwaffle

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The Blue Waffles are generating more zombies, just when we thought we eradicated them all. DESTROY the blue waffles minions, and destroy their creator, who is heavily infected with the blue waffle disease itself. And whatever you do, don't stick your ding dong (song) in there!!!

Additional info

This is my first map, anything you see that I should add to/remove/change just lemme know. I had to make some changes to it and remove the actual infamous blue waffle image to make it non-X-rated. Oh also, if you care to add your steaminfo at the bottom if you know what you're doing in SDK that'd be great, I need a contact with knowledge of the program.

Additional credits

HoboJoe made suggestions to it


In Version 2 I added another room with a little cylindrical tower, stairs leading up. The walls inside consist of the Most Interesting Man in the World meme, as well as a Godfather and South Park parody of him.

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