KF-ASER-Lab (Advanced Science and Energy Research Lab)

KF-ASER-Lab (Advanced Science and Energy Research Lab)

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Author Omega Supreme
Date of release v1.0 Near Future
.rom filename KF-Advanced_Science_and_Energy_Research_Lab.rom


You and your team have been sent to this facility to terminate the rampant experiments that roam the labs they were created in. You are armed with the latest advancements in weapontry. Make your way through the facility while terminating the threats within, then find a way out. Use your ammunition wisely, you'll need it…

Additional info

A mission map that will include Multiple Variantks of the Original Killing Floor Specimens, Hiyokomod Specimens, WTF Specimens, the Doom3 Specimens as well as the Brute and the Shiver.
It will also include the all default Killing Floor Weapons, Hiyokomod Weapons, IDC Weapons, WTF Weapons, the Portal Turrent and the Spider bot.
As an Upgrade, it will have Server Perks V4 and maybe Hiyokomod Perks.
If the Hiyokomod Perks are included, It will also give you insturctions on how to make Server V4 Hiyokomod Fusion Perks.

Additional credits

Byron Burwell (Helping with Ideas)
Kick3r (Keyboard)
All the Creators of the Mutators used in this map.
Tripwire Interactive for making such a great game!
Unreal for making such a great Software Delvelopment Kit!



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